The Black Plague

I’ve always found the Bubonic Plague fascinating, even though it was an awful event that occurred. The unknown illness during the 14th century killed 20-25 million people, ranging from all ages, and all genders. The source I used was called “The Chronicles of the Black Death”, it was written during the 14th century and was founded in a cathedral in Europe after the pandemic. The author is unfortunately unknown but it has been transcribed to English making it legible. In the transcribed document it states, “…Men and women carried the bodies of their own little ones to church on their shoulders and threw them into mass graves, from which arose such a stink that it was barely possible for anyone to go past a churchyard.” This puts into perspective how much death occurred and it did not matter what gender, race or age people were. In the timeline my main focus was to inform people of the bubonic plague and the death it caused to people all over Europe. The making of the timeline was a little difficult in the beginning mainly because I never used that program before. The article by Jessica Dauterive, “TimelineJS: Easy to Make, Beautiful Timelines” explains how to create a timeline which over all helped me a lot. I enjoyed the experience of making the timeline and being able to learn how to use a program that will help me in the future.






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