Digitalizing Classrooms

If I had my own classroom I would use everything we learned. I would want to teach high school students so I believe everything we learned in class can be better understood by the older kids. For example having my students work in a group to make a podcast, or have them look at documents they can try to transcribe. I feel that the digital tools are great learning experiences for kids to try and understand history better and maybe like it. I feel like a lot of kids are not interested in history and have no desire to learn about it. However, I believe that if teachers were to make it more engaging for students then they would enjoy it more. If I didn’t have a teacher that made sure their class was engaging I wouldn’t be a history major. I think that kids are so used to having their phones and using electronics that they find textbooks displeasing and boring. Kids need to stay engaged or they won’t pay attention. I found the article by Jasmine Alinder inspiring, considering she had her class learn more about history by letting them experience it first hand and contribute to a museum exhibit. The children in her class never knew how interesting history could be without actually experiencing it and I find that true for others also. Personally, more teachers should strive to use more digital tools to help their students succeed and learn better.






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