Experience Atlantic City

I grew up in Egg Harbor Township, 15 minutes away from Atlantic City. My father grew up in Atlantic City born and raised. His grandfather ran a sub shop which he worked at for most of his life. He would tell my brother and I stories of his time in AC. As time went on the city itself went downhill, it went from the great city he loved to one he barely steps foot in. The love he had for the old city still resonates with him. He loves the history of AC and he collects any old picture he can get his hands on. When I was told to pick a public history project I wanted to do something that mattered to me, so I chose “ The Atlantic City Experience”. The Atlantic City Experience is a website that is connected to the Atlantic City Library. The site has tabs that helps allow people to easily access more information. Going through the site I saw some things that could overall benefit the site. For instance, there is a timeline tab that could be better if Timeline JS was used. Overall, in the reading, Introducing Public History, Cherstin Lyon, Elizabeth Nix, and Rebecca Shrum tell their readers that local history is important. Getting involved and learning about history within your community can help better the experience for others.






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