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Moving- in to a Pandemic – Gianna Nistico

Moving- in to a Pandemic

When the Covid- 19 pandemic was at its worst I was about to move-in to Rowan University for my freshman year of college. When people talk about moving-in to college everyone says “ it’s going to be the best time of your life”. They also tell you it can be scary. New surroundings and no familiarity. However, in 2020 there was another factor that made moving-in to college terrifying. Covid- 19.Covid cases were very high when it was  getting closer to the move-in date. Due to the increase in cases, my anxiety was through the roof the whole month before move- in. During that month the University would send emails about move-in information and what is to be expected when it was time to move in. The pictures of the email provided is just one example of the many emails the college sent to get their students ready for a new year. The email goes through the many regulations regarding move-in. It informed incoming students of the expectations Rowan had for everyone and it stated the mandates for everyone coming in close contact with others. Contributing this to Professor Mack’s website has been a great experience. To be a part of a community that wants to preserve the experiences people have been in during the pandemic will benefit the future. It allows others to relate and understand the ups and downs of going to college during a pandemic. In my Digital History class, out of all the reading we had to read there was one sentence from Inside JOTPY’s COVID-19 Curatorial Collective that stood out to me.  In the blog post, written by Rebecca Wingo she states “We’re facing new challenges every day, and I, for one, will be interested to see how our decisions withstand time…” This quote, for me, explains the interest and curiosity to see how the future will be impacted by the challenges we face everyday. 






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